Icy Conditions Continue in Delta School District

January 12, 2017

Icy Conditions Continue in Delta School District

Over the recent weeks, Delta School District has fully deployed our available resources to clear snow and ice, and salt icy parking lots and walkways.

While Delta staff will continue to provide safe passage for students, staff and parents, expect that not all pathways, paved play areas or perimeter sidewalks will be clear of ice and snow, and many side streets are still icy. Follow paths that have been appropriately cleared when arriving and exiting school grounds, and look for signage and hazard indicators marking icy pathways to avoid.

As unseasonably cold weather continues in the Lower Mainland, students, staff and parents are reminded to dress for the cold conditions, with appropriate footwear and clothing, and to use extreme caution in making their way to school.

CLICK HERE for more information on Delta School District Snow and Ice Procedures.