Aboriginal Week: Celebrating Our Students' Aboriginal Heritage

June 23, 2016

This week we will be posting stories each day to celebrate the diverse cultures and histories of our local First Nations communities.


This year in the Delta School District, there are 550 students who have identified themselves as having Aboriginal ancestry. The students with Aboriginal ancestry are enrolled in all schools across the district. There are approximately 325 elementary students and 225 secondary students with Aboriginal ancestry. There are 50 students from the Tsawwassen First Nation community who attend schools in Ladner and Tsawwassen. The rest of the Aboriginal student population come from a variety of different nations from all parts of the province and country. Students who identify as having Aboriginal ancestry represent approximately 3.4% of the District’s total student population.

Let us celebrate Harleigh at Holly Elementary. She is one of five students in B.C. who won the 2016 First Nations Traditional Knowledge and Medicine Provincial Poster Contest. Harleigh is in grade 5 and was inspired to paint the Nootka Rose flower because it is so colourful and beautiful.

The contest was held by FORED BC, short for FOR Education, about our environment and its natural resources. It is a charitable non-profit association established in 1925. They work with aligned groups and volunteers such as the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition and the Aboriginal Institute for Management Excellence on community-based sustainability projects.

Entries were received from all across the province and the winning posters were displayed in the Ministry of Education offices yesterday in Victoria, B.C. on Aboriginal Day, June 21st.

You can check out Harleigh’s poster and the other winners at: 

Great job Harleigh! Way to celebrate your Coast Salish and Cree culture!