Rudolf, Santa and Math

December 20, 2015

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with…math!?! Yes, that’s right – math.

This year when the staff at South Park Elementary School is Tsawwassen were deciding what to do for their holiday activities, they determined that it would be the perfect opportunity to show their students how much fun math really can be.

“Math is everywhere and it is diverse. By approaching math in exciting and fun ways we make it accessible and students are able to better engage with the concepts,” said Mme Maurice, a grade 4/5 French Immersion Teacher (and all around Math enthusiast) who also runs an after school Math homework club.

Every teacher in the school prepared holiday-themed math activities. These included board games such as ‘Down the chimney’ and “Race to Rudolph’, art projects that required math skills, and number games. The students were divided into multi-age groups so that younger and older kids were working together on their math. All of the activities were really fun.

Numeracy is one of the school goals that South Park Elementary staff, students and parents are focusing on. The vision is to develop a positive attitude toward mathematics and to increase the level of knowledge and skills related to numeracy and problem solving. To achieve this goal, self-regulation and self-calming strategies for students are being incorporated into regular mathematics instruction. Also, teachers are focusing on providing meaningful feedback for students that informs their learning. It was a perfect fit to be able to use the holiday season to demonstrate to students that math can be approached in different and exciting ways.

Overall, the holiday math event was very well received, with students and staff really enjoying the day.