Happy Holidays

December 18, 2015

Holiday Wishes to our staff, students and families!

What brings you joy at the Holiday season? For many of us it is the voices of children singing or students performing and playing musical instruments.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure for Delta School District senior staff and trustees to attend many concerts in schools during the past few weeks, as well as being entertained by school choirs at the School Board office. Beyond the talent and the quality of the learning that comes through, it is so evident that our dedicated teachers have put in many hours of rehearsals with our students to ensure they are ready for the performances. By the looks on the faces of audience members at these concerts, they truly appreciate how hard our students have been working to be ready to bring the joy of music to our ears. As usual we marvel at all of the children in the performances, however, sometimes there is one piece that stands out for us, it gives us goose-bumps, and takes us back in our memories. The Kindergarten children often steal the show, even when they forget the words to their songs, just because they are so adorable.  Our secondary school students demonstrate their dedication to learning their music, and mastering their instruments, or their voices, and they know when their performance has gone well that all of the rehearsal has paid off. As I have said on many occasions, I always take a moment to look around the audience, to observe the looks on the faces of the adults in the audience, to see if their faces give away the pride they are feeling… and of course this year was no exception. Faces were lite up with pride. 

There are many examples of amazing activities going on in our schools that also bring us pride and joy. All across the district, students, staff and families have demonstrated their kindness and caring spirit through canned food drives, toy and pajama donations, fundraisers for those in need, delivery of food to those less fortunate in the community, and now we have seen our communities preparing for Syrian refugees who will be settling in Delta in the coming year. Our students learn so much from these acts of kindness, and through this we will build an even more caring and thoughtful community for the future. As a district we are proud of the strong emphasis we place on relationships and caring, in addition to excellence in teaching and learning. 
Our dedicated staff, without whom none of these outstanding activities would take place, have worked hard and are ready for a break. Thank you to our staff in the Delta School District for the amazing contributions you make to the success of your students, your school and our school district. 

Wishing you a blessed holiday season, with time for celebration, relaxation and joyful experiences with family and friends.

Respectfully ,

Dianne Turner