Devon Gardens new playground

September 18, 2015

Students at Devon Gardens Elementary School in North Delta had more to celebrate last week than just the start of school. They also got to kick-off the new school year by enjoying the school’s brand new playground.

“When I first got here there was a playground in the location of the new playground that was falling apart,” said Bryce, a grade 7 student.

“But did we give up? No! We improved by tearing it down and making this new playground!” exclaimed Tiffany, another grade 7 student.

Bryce and Tiffany spoke to their entire school as part of a celebratory playground opening.  Students, staff, parents and special guests gathered in front of the playground to give thanks to everyone who helped make the new playground possible. The playground is the result of a partnership between the Devon Gardens’ school parent advisory council, the Corporation of Delta and the Delta School District.  The parents raised roughly $35,000, which was matched by the municipality, and the school district provided installation support.

“This playground is a really strong symbol of what can be done when community organizations work together,” said David Hope, Principal, Devon Gardens Elementary.

The new playground is large and designed for all students –kindergarten through to grade seven.  Features include a double slide, Berliner ball and sign language alphabet. When asked what their favourite part of the playground is, most students responded that they like the Berliner ball, which is a large climbing apparatus.

The new playground will certainly be enjoyed by the school's 375 French, English, and Montessori students for years to come.