Aboriginal Professional Development

July 08, 2015

On Tuesday, June 23 a group of Delta educators boarded a school bus to participate in the "City Before the City", an exhibition tour that focuses on Musqueam Culture. Organized by the District Vice-Principal for Aboriginal Education Programs, Diane Jubinville, and led by Musqueam guides Larissa Grant and Jason Woolman, the day consisted of three site visits, which were all part of the same exhibition: the Musqueam Cultural Education Resource Centre, the Museum of Anthropology, and the Museum of Vancouver.

"Everyone was pleased with the learning that took place and the new perspectives gained," said Diane Jubinville.

Some comments from some of the participants included:

"This topic is actually a part of the IB Theory of Knowledge curriculum, so it is something we teach overtly to our students, but I think sharing this perspective with our fellow colleagues will ensure that they stop dismissing such indigenous knowledge as we begin implementing the new provincial curricula."

"My thank you is belated but no less heartfelt. Being with you all for the City Before the City tour was a most magical and educational day."

"It was a wonderful experience that I won't forget."

"Today was outstanding. So many people loved it, really loved it, and it was a day that everyone will remember, perhaps as a new beginning and certainly the day the momentum gathered."

The District will be dedicating one full day of professional development in the next school year to Aboriginal Education, as per the recent announcement by Education Minister Peter Fassbender. This initiative is in alignment with recommendations from the recent report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).