Two Delta Educators to Receive National Inclusive Education Award

May 29, 2015

Grade seven teacher Sharon Reifel and teaching assistant Sandra Lessingham will be receiving a National Inclusive Education Award from the Canadian Association for Community Living and Inclusion BC.

The two educators are being honoured for their commitment to inclusive education, going above and beyond to recognize and encourage the contributions of all students.

Always seeing the child first, Sharon and Sandra look beyond disability to meet the needs of every student in the classroom. Each student is recognized for their unique potential, increasing the students’ independence and achievement. Sandra and Sharon’s enthusiasm influenced and impacted the students and staff, creating a welcoming and inclusive learning experience for all students.

Parent Si Stainton says, “Sharon approached the teaching of my son with a strong “promote independence” attitude. Both Sharon and Sandra helped me see my son’s wider potential. Initially I was a bit nervous of what Sharon suggested, but seeing the results meant I soon trusted both Sharon and Sandra implicitly with the education of my son.”

“Sharon and Sandra, although my son’s teachers, were also mine, gave me belief when I faltered, and many, many opportunities to celebrate my son’s contributions and achievements.”

Sharon Reifel and Sandra Lessingham will receive the award at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre on May 28, 2015 at noon as part of the Inclusion BC conference. Media are welcome to attend.