Ditching bottled water keeps Mother Earth green

April 23, 2015

At North Delta Secondary, the Green Team had a great start to their Plastic Water Bottle Campaign. We took our first step towards our goal of banning plastic water bottles at our school. We started off by collecting the plastic water bottles students used for 2 weeks. We collected over 400 plastic water bottles. Then we put the collected water bottles into a big net, and set up a booth where we displayed the net, along with interesting facts about the impact students were having on the planet with the use of plastic water bottles. At the booth we also sold reusable water bottles to help stop students from using plastic water bottles. Despite having a great impact on students through our campaign, our entire team still believes that this is just the start and we are looking forward to doing more projects to continue with our campaign.


  • Bottled water leads to water shortages
  • Bottled water contributes to climate change
  • Our landfills cannot support bottled water
  • Bottled water is not safer
  • Water is a human right



Submitted by:

Simran Grewal and Probhjot Bajwa, students from North Delta Secondary