Green Team Survey Results

April 24, 2015

At North Delta Secondary, the Green Team took a survey of its Grade 8 and 12 students to examine the habits relating to energy conservation. Forty students were surveyed in each grade.


  1. Do you turn off the lights when you leave a room?
  2. Do you unplug all chargers and other electronic devices when not in use?
  3. Do you turn off computer, monitors and TV’s when not in use?
  4. Do you have compact fluorescent light bulbs in your house?
  5. Do you try to use less hot water at home?
  6. Does your family turn down the thermostat to conserve energy?
  7. Do you keep the warm air inside by closing windows and doors?
  8. Does your family run the dishwasher and washing machine only when full?


Overall answers to the above behavioural based questions between Grade 8’s and Grade 12’s were very similar…….

Possible replies were ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, NEVER to the above eight questions.

However, on an individual basis….17% of Grade 12’s NEVER unplug chargers and 16% of Grade 8’s NEVER turn off computers and monitors.  31 to 41% of both age-groups NEVER try to reduce the amount of hot water they use…..that means someone is taking long showers!