Post-Spring Break Facility Staff Update

March 28, 2015

Update from Patrick Sullivan, Architectural Trades Leadhand for the Delta School District

"We have had an incredible amount of projects undertaken this Spring Break.

The biggest being the re- laminating of the science lab in South Delta Secondary School. It was scheduled to be a busy ten-day project. With the hydro power being out for the second week, we scheduled in everyone available and got it done in the first week! That was with a five man crew and twenty 5x12 sheets of acid-resistant plastic laminate.

The second biggest project was the Sands Secondary music portable, covering all the existing carpeted walls with m.d.f.  This project involved removing all the teachers' cabinets, shelving, door casings and everything on the walls, cutting and fitting about 40 sheets of m.d.f., installing and painting and replacing everything removed. New base boards throughout and jamb extensions to make the new casings fit. The painting was also completed by the end of the break. That was with the remaining three man crew and extra help.

The other projects included re-carpeting the main office and principal offices in North Delta, Gibson, Brooke, McCloskey, two rooms in Heath and one room in Holly; replacing 160 asbestos tiles with alternative tiles at Gibson; removing the worn out carpets in four rooms in Sands and replacing them in sheet vinyl.

Each of these projects involves the carpentry department removing teachers cabinets or shelving units, the custodial department removing boxed items, file cabinets etc. and new waxing on new vinyl and replacing with carpentry - whatever was necessary.

In addition to the painting of the Sands music portable, the painting department has also painted the main traffic areas around the office corridors in Jarvis, the stairwells in Richardson, the interior doors in English Bluff, and the stairwells and a transition room in Annieville.

The roofing department did the roofing consultation with all the roofing contractors, in preparation for summer projects.

Most impressive and appreciated is all the combined help from the teachers, principals, office staff, and custodians helping the carpenters at a very inconvenient time to make sure it could all come together."