Teacher at North Delta inducted into BC Rugby Hall of Fame

March 26, 2015

On April 1, 2015 North Delta Secondary School teacher Ged Griffiths will be inducted into the BC Rugby Hall of Fame. Congratulations Ged from your fellow staff at the Delta School District!

"For the first time in BC rugby history, 2 women will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, our own being Ged Griffiths.

Ged is a woman of character, spirit, wisdom, and determination. Her love for the game of rugby is tremendous. While teaching here in North Delta, Ged also coaches high school rugby and Senior Women's rugby for us, here at the Brit Lions. She pushes us to work hard in every aspect of rugby - fitness, skill, and social. I know that many others, especially myself, look up to Ged for guidance and as a mentor while we pursue the sport of rugby. You could call her an idol of ours; and if I could just be half as good as she is, I'd say my rugby career would be complete. For a woman who still plays rugby to this day, Ged deserves every bit of this award. Bask in the glory and keep doing what you do best, Ged."