Delta School District Students Share the Spirit of Philanthropy this Holiday Season - Story #3

December 16, 2014

Division 3, at Richardson Elementary, undertook an entrepreneurial project in support of Afretech, a local organization that establishes libraries in remote First Nations communities.

Each student conceived of their own idea for a product that they would sell to fellow students at school. Hockey stick sets, stress balls, pencil “grippies”, borax snow crystal tree ornaments, and pinecone bird feeders are just some examples of the types of products that the students made for their “Epic Entrepreneurial Day” sale.

As a class, over $800.00 worth of profit was made. We also raised $300.00 by hosting a staff luncheon.

Students made an aboriginal Peace Shield to send along with their donation (which Ms. Nielsen is holding), and also sent several boxes of used books for the library that is going to be set up at Lax Kwíalaams, BC.