Happy Holidays from the Delta School District and Delta Board of Education

December 21, 2014

Happy Holidays from the Delta School District and Board of Education. Schools will be closed from December 22 until January 2, with classes resuming at all schools on Monday, January 5, 2015.


A message from Superintendent of Schools, Dianne Turner

"Holiday Wishes for a season filled with Joy, Peace, Love and Hope!

Once again while decorating the Christmas tree at home this year we placed some of our favourite ornaments on our tree. These are ornaments we received as gifts to our family a few yeas ago. The ornaments are hung with beautiful silver ribbon and the words; Peace, Love, Joy and Hope. They have become special to us because we talk about the meaning these words hold for each of us. This year we spoke of an even greater significance and meaning they hold as a result of some circumstances in the world. We talked about the contributions we can all make in creating a better world for the children.

While visiting schools in the District I am heartened to hear that our students really do know the importance of helping others to achieve a world of joy, love, hope and peace. Their contributions to making our schools inclusive, safe and caring places for each other shows that our students have the skills and knowledge to make that difference for others, in the school and in the community, and it makes me very proud each time I visit or hear about their thoughtful actions.

It has been a privilege to attend many concerts in schools the past few weeks, and to have performances here at the Board office. To hear the choirs and bands perform is evident that many hours have gone into rehearsals and preparations to make these concerts special for parents and other guests. Of course, the kindergarten children steal the show most of the time, and the very talented secondary students show us their long-term dedication to practice playing their instruments, and that rehearsing in choirs pays off during their amazing performances.  I always take a moment to look around the audience, to observe the looks on the faces of the adults in the audience, to see if they are feeling the same emotions I am feeling, and of course they are either beaming with pride, or have tears in their eyes and I smile knowing we are all experiencing joy from the emotions we are feeling!

The wonderful performances are only part of the activities taking place in our schools. Across the district, students, staff and families have initiated toy drives, clothing donations, food hampers, food drives, have prepared meals for families in need, and raised money to help one child receive medical treatment the family could not have afforded otherwise. These are but some of the caring actions schools have taken on, and tell me that these actions will carry on beyond the holiday season. The lessons our children learn from these acts of kindness will be remembered always and will instill a consciousness within our students about reaching out to others in times of need. They will also go a long way to help children reflect on those very important words of my Christmas ornaments; Peace, Love, Hope and Joy, and how to help make them possible for others.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend those same special wishes of peace, love, joy, and hope, to each member of our Delta School District community and I would like to sincerely thank all those who contribute to making Delta such a successful School District. As a district we are proud of the strong emphasis we place on relationships and caring, in addition to excellence in teaching and learning. This gives us much hope for our future, that we will achieve the district Vision.

Have a blessed holiday season, with time for celebration, relaxation and joyful experiences with family and friends."

Dianne Turner,

Superintendent of Schools

Appreciation Video for Support Staff at the Delta School District


Students and staff enjoyed getting into the spirit of the season. Here's a look at the past few weeks leading up to the holiday break:


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Neilson Grove Elementary Breakfast with Santa

School Board Office

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