Early Childhood Educators Graduate

November 17, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2014 Graduates of the Delta Early Childhood Education Program!  At a graduation ceremony on November 14th, 29 adult students celebrated the completion of their Early Childhood Education certificates.


At the event, student representatives Niki Lossé, Mandy Wang, and Wilma Enders addressed the audience on behalf of their Delta and Richmond cohorts, while Pamela Sood, Sarah McCabe, and Wilma Enders were awarded certificates of “Top Academic Standing” for maintaining top marks in their graduating class.

Through 980 hours of classroom and practicum training, the E.C.E. program prepares students to work with young children in licensed child care settings. The E.C.E. Certificate program has been taught in Delta in various forms since 1969 and in Richmond since 2000 through a partnership between Delta and Richmond School Districts. Additionally, Post-Basic studies lead to a Certificate to Practice as a Special Needs Early Childhood Educator, working in integrated settings with children requiring extra support, and/or a Certificate to Practice as an Infant and Toddler Early Childhood Educator, working with children under three years old. 


Both the ECE Certificate and Diploma courses allow new registrants to start in January.  A free information session about the ECE Program will be held on November 25, 6:30 PM at Delta Manor Education Centre.   


For more information about the Early Childhood Education program, visit: