Community Events

Delta is Opening Adventure Playgrounds for the Summer

Jul 03, 2017
Delta is adding a little more adventure to its parks this summer with the addition of two summer adventure play spaces!
July 3–September 3, 2017
11 am–7 pm
North Delta Recreation Centre | 11415 84 Avenue
South Delta Recreation Centre | 1720 56 Street
Adventure Playgrounds are a free, drop-in activity offered throughout summer. The playgrounds will be open 11 am–7 pm to explore each day. Tools for building and creating will only be available when a play attendant is scheduled. 
What is an Adventure Playground?
Unlike any other playground in Delta, the adventure playgrounds provide a space for children to engage in unstructured play and exploration of their surroundings. Children will have tools and materials to build their own play space and have the freedom to develop skills that will shape their entire lives: resilience, creativity, independence, problem-solving, and teamwork. They will build, create, user their imagination, be adventurous and active, and create a place that currently exists only in their imaginations—all while learning to assess risk.