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Camp Ignite: Summer Camp for Grade 11/12 Girls ---Registration Open Now

May 09, 2017 to Jun 01, 2017

Camp Ignite is a four-day camp that educates and inspires young women to follow their dreams. The camp is open to girls in grades 11–12 (ages 16–18) and gives them an introduction to the world of firefighting. Each girl will learn about fitness, nutrition, health and teamwork.

This year's camp will run from August 10th to August 13th, 2017. Camp Ignite is brought to you by our sponsors and fire departments, so there are no costs and no barriers to participate.

Deadline for this application is June 1st, 2017.

For more information, please visit:

Camp Ignite, in partnership with our local fire departments, will provide strong role models and a venue to empower young women to challenge themselves and learn new skills in a unique team environment that focuses on the firefighting profession.

The vision of Camp Ignite came into focus and was realized in 2011 and has grown successfully each year.  

Camp Ignite is made possible fundamentally through joint sponsorship from both various British Columbia Fire Departments and their associated union locals of the International Association of Firefighters.  We have also received generous grants from the BC Fire Chiefs’ Association, the BC Fire Officers’ Training Association and private industry such as EMT Management Inc.  We are grateful for the support from all branches of the fire service industry and family.