Fitness and Recreation

Students who choose this Focus Area have the opportunity to pursue learning experiences related to athletics, recreation, personal health and wellness, coaching and team performance. They may have well-developed physical abilities, be interested in helping others enjoy athletic or leisure activities and/or be involved in various levels of sport performance. Some may wish to participate in post-secondary athletics or become a professional athlete and some may already have demanding performance and fitness schedules. These students may find particular benefits in external courses that recognize learning outside regular school hours.

Sample interests, skills and competencies related to this focus area

  • Interest in sports
  • Interest in outdoor activities
  • Interest in personal fitness and nutrition
  • Understanding of nutrition and its impact on performance
  • Skills required to coach or instruct others
  • Leadership skills, including the ability to motivate people
  • Performance/kinesthetic skills in one or more sports areas
  • Safety skills, including First Aid and personal safety skills
  • Event management skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Public relations skills
  • Good hand-eye coordination

Sample options after Grade 12 graduation

  • Personal: continued training in a specific sport or activity
  • Employment: Fitness Instructor
  • Employment: Recreation Centre Attendant
  • Employment: Lifeguard
  • Certificate program: Fitness and Exercise Leadership
  • Certificate program: Golf Management
  • Diploma program: Events Management
  • Diploma program: Fitness and Exercise Management
  • Degree program: Bachelor of Physical Education
  • Degree program: Bachelor of Recreation and Health Education
  • Degree program: Bachelor of Kinesiology

Sample occupations

  • Athlete
  • Coach
  • Recreation Director
  • Entrepreneur: adventure tourism or recreational services
  • Trainer and Fitness Consultant
  • Facilities Manager
  • Community Recreation Coordinator
  • Teacher
  • Firefighter

Elective courses that best fit this Focus Area

Ministry Authorized Courses

  • Dance Performance 11
  • Dance Performance 12
  • Physical Education 11
  • Physical Education 12

Board/Authority Authorized Courses

  • Community Recreation
  • Fitness
  • Outdoor Education
  • Recreation Leadership
  • Sports and Recreation Studies

Community Learning

  • External course credits for Athlete
  • External course credits for Coach or Official
  • First Aid courses
  • Fitness Leader courses
  • Lifesaving courses
  • Outward Bound program
  • Water Safety Instructor courses
  • External credits for community dance courses

Sample course packages for Business and Applied Business Focus Area

Student #1

John plans to pursue a fitness related post-secondary program after graduation. His Focus Area courses include Physical Education 11 and 12, Dance Performance 11, and a local course his school offers in Recreation Leadership.

Student #2

Sam has had a clear goal in mind for some time: to be a sports journalist. He plans to complete a post-secondary diploma program in Journalism and has chosen courses that relate to both the Fitness and Recreation and Liberal Arts/Humanities Focus Areas. These include Physical Education 11 and 12, Writing 12, Journalism 12, and a Work Experience 12 course that allows him to do some sports reporting with a community newspaper. Student #3 Pat wants to become a recreation director. She sees herself designing programs and running some kind of community recreation facility. She is registered in her school's Recreation Leadership career preparation program and has a work placement arranged with the local community recreation department. Her Focus Area courses include Physical Education 11, Work Experience 12 and two local courses that her school offers: Community Recreation 11 and Recreation Leadership 12.

Student #4

Derek is an elite hockey player who's been drafted to play in the junior league, and on the provincial under-17 team. Derek would like to become a professional hockey player but also wants to pursue a university education. His Focus Area courses are Physical Education 11 and 12 plus External Athlete 11 and 12. He is also choosing courses needed for university admission.