Fine Arts, Design, and Media

This Focus Area supports the development of skills and knowledge in a range of specialties including Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. Students can develop both creative and technical skills and may wish to complement these by developing applied business skills. This would expand their career opportunities to include occupations that support performers and other types of artists.

Sample interests, skills and competencies related to this focus area

  • Interest in visual arts, theatre, music or drama
  • Interest in entertaining people
  • Interest in arts and crafts
  • Ability to communicate personal expressions
  • Ability to think metaphorically
  • Visual, kinesthetic, and auditory literacy
  • Ability to use the elements and principles of composition
  • Ability to generate ideas
  • Critical, creative, and flexible thinking
  • Ability to create and identify meaning in representational media
  • Performance and presentation skills for appropriate contexts
  • Ability to reflect on, and respond to, a broad range of thoughts, images, and feelings in various art forms
  • Collaboration within a community or company of artists
  • Appreciation of the contribution of the arts to society

Sample options after Grade 12 graduation

  • Employment: Cartoonist
  • Employment: Singer
  • Employment: Web Designer
  • Employment: Interior Design Assistant
  • Certificate program: Advanced Motion Picture Production
  • Certificate program: Basic Musicianship
  • Certificate program: Professional Photography
  • Diploma program: Associate of Arts
  • Diploma program: Fashion Design
  • Diploma program: Fine Arts
  • Degree program: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Dance Major or Film Major
  • Degree program: Bachelor of Media Arts
  • Degree program: Bachelor of Music

Sample occupations

  • Photographer
  • Illustrator
  • Choreographer
  • Art Curator
  • Film director
  • Cinematographer
  • Set Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Artist
  • Musician

Elective courses that best fit this Focus Area

Ministry Authorized Courses

  • Fine Arts 11
  • Dance 11 and 12
  • Drama 11 and 12 Film and TV
  • Drama 11 and 12 Theatre
  • Music 11 and 12 Choral Music and Instrumental Music
  • Music 11 and 12 Composition and Technology
  • Visual Arts 11 and 12 Art Foundations and Studio Arts
  • Visual Arts 11 and 12 Media Arts
  • Work Experience 12

Board/Authority Authorized Courses

  • Photography
  • Yearbook
  • TV/Video Production
  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Communication
  • Film/Video Studies
  • Textile Arts and Crafts
  • Jazz Band or Choir
  • Musical Theatre

Community Learning

  • Community theatre
  • Royal Conservatory music programs
  • Community dance programs
  • Local film courses
  • Art gallery summer school

Sample course packages for Business and Applied Business Focus Area

Student #1

Raj loves music and has taken lessons since Grade 1. He would like to earn a university degree in music and become a secondary school Music Teacher. His Focus Area courses include the Ministry courses Music 11: Composition and Technology, and Music 12: Composition and Technology. They also include two external courses: Royal Conservatory of Music 11 and Royal Conservatory of Music 12.

Student #2

Sally has strong skills in the visual arts and also enjoys working on computers. She plans to take courses at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and become a computer game designer. Her Focus Area courses include Art Foundations 11 and 12, plus two local courses taught at her school: Electronic Illustrations 11 and Computer Animation 12.

Student #3

Elaine has an interest in all forms of dance. She would like to become a dance professional, either in a performing or a teaching capacity. Her Focus Area courses include the Ministry courses Dance Choreography 12 and Dance Performance 12, plus the external courses Royal Academy of Dancing 11B and 12B. She has also included Marketing 11 and Business Information Management 12 in her Focus Area package since she may wish to pursue an administrative role in dance.

Student #4

Jason is interested in public speaking and film and television production. His future plans include post-secondary courses in journalism and film/video production, followed by a career in broadcast journalism. His Focus Area courses include Drama: Film and Television 11, Drama: Film and Television 12, Journalism 12, plus a local course taught at his school: Video Production 12.