Focus Areas

Overview of Focus Areas

The Graduation Program supports achievement for all students, offering a range of options for focusing their studies in areas that interest them. It teaches skills that students need to plan successful futures by identifying, exploring and developing their personal strengths. Students learn how those strengths can be employed in the workplace or built upon with further education and experience.

Research has shown that students who focus their studies in areas that interest them are more engaged in school and more likely to graduate than unfocused students. To that end, the Graduation Program supports all students to:

  • consider the broad range of education choices and career options available
  • learn about and consider eight possible Focus Areas during Planning 10
  • develop a Focus Area that interests them to pursue during Grades 11 and 12
  • explore the wide range of post-secondary education options for one or more Focus Areas
  • explore the wide range of career options related to one or more Focus Areas

Focus Areas are based on courses and programs available at secondary schools and post-secondary institutions in BC.  Integrating these approaches helps students connect learning from individual courses to their role in the broader community and to their personal plans for the future. Encouraging students to make this connection and to reflect on their choices will help ensure they are well prepared to build successful futures.