Websites of Interest for Parents

Child Care Programs Map

The Child Care Map is an on-line resource to assist you in searching for ministry-funded licensed child care in your community by city, address and licence type. New child care facilities are added to the Child Care Map as they become operational.

Child Care Options

Serving Families and Child Care Providers in the Communities of Delta, Surrey and White Rock. Child Care Options is a child care resource and referral program providing child care information, services, and support to families and child care providers in the communities of Delta, Surrey, and White Rock.

Pregnancy & Parenting

Here are answers to the challenges of parenting. There is a search engine that allows you to search by age and/or grade level for information about the stages of development, the curriculum for a grade and how you can help. Topics include health, siblings, safety, sleep, childcare, divorce, education, milestones, eating, etc.

Surfing the Net with Kids

Barbara J. Feldman writes website reviews each week and lists them here under many categories. She rates the sites she finds with a star rating from 5 (spectacular), 4 (wonderful) and 3 (great).

This site is packed with information for parents under eleven categories: Ages and Grades, Activities, News and Hot Topics, School Help, Parenting Challenges, Special Needs, Family Finance, Software Downloads, What Works, Expert Advice and Message Boards. Under each category are many sub-topics searchable by age and grade.

Education Place® for Families

Family resources for parents and caregivers who want to help their children excel in school. Includes the Home Activity Center, Homework Help, Kids' Publishing Corner, and the Home Schooling links.