English Language Learning

Recognizing that students who speak a primary home language other than English may require additional services in order to ensure equitable access to learning opportunities in Delta’s schools, all elementary and secondary schools have English Language Learning (ELL) supports available.

The amount and type of support is determined through an initial assessment, which is done by an ELL specialist. As with all children and youth, ELL students vary substantially in their educational and language needs. Factors that impact their needs include: proficiency in their first language, prior exposure to English, school history, age, previous language experiences, curriculum demands, cultural and emotional context, etc.

Service may be delivered in a variety of ways, including:

  • Separate English language instruction to students
  • Supportive services within a mainstream classroom
  • ELL specialist support to the classroom teacher

The goal of English Language Learning supports is to provide students with culturally and linguistically responsive scaffolds or ‘bridges’ to the mainstream Canadian classroom environment and learning opportunities.

Adult Students
Education services for adult learners—including English Language Learning—are provided through Delta's Continuing Education Branch. For more information please contact Continuing Education at 604-946-4101.

How To Access ELL Support

Students registering in the summer (or at the end of a school year)
Students should attend the ELL Reception Centre, which is held the week prior to school opening at the Delta Resource Centre. At this time, the initial assessment will be done and decisions made about placement. This avoids delay in starting school. Contact your local school for information.

Students registering during the school year:
During the school year, students register at their home school.

In elementary school, children are placed in age-appropriate mainstream classes in that school, provided there is space available. The ELL teacher will do an initial language assessment and decisions will be made, in collaboration with the classroom teacher, about the amount and nature of the ELL support the student will receive.

In secondary schools, an appointment is usually made for an initial assessment to assist in determining the most suitable placement. Every effort is made to schedule the assessment as early as possible. Following the assessment recommendations are made for placement based on identified language needs. Most students will attend their neighbourhood school but a few will need to go to a nearby school to receive an appropriate level of ELL instruction.

Additional Information

English Language Learner – Assessments and Services

All schools provide English Language Learning services. For this reason, please begin directing your questions about ELL services to you your local school.

If you require additional assistance or information, you can call Special Programs at 604-952-5325.  

Summer time: Contact Special Programs at 604-952-5325