Indigenous Education

Parent Invitation - Information Night, October 15


Acknowledgment of Traditional Coast Salish Territory

The Municipality of Delta is situated on Coast Salish territory, which includes the Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN), Musqueam First Nation and other Salishan language groups. In the 2014 school year, there are approximately 540 students who have self-identified as being of Aboriginal ancestry. This comprises approximately 3.4% of the Delta School District population. There are approximately 40 students from the Tsawwassen First Nation and Musqueam First Nation attending Delta schools. It is the District’s hope that as the curriculum becomes more embedded with the Aboriginal culture and teachings and more fully reflects and represents the society in which we live, students will choose to self-identify because of a developing pride and confidence in their culture. All children should be proud of who they are and where they come from.

The Delta School District is committed to bringing Aboriginal culture and history to all learners across all of the grades. The new Ministry curriculum will have Aboriginal perspectives embedded throughout the learning outcomes and the district is working to develop a curriculum framework specific to Delta to support this new mandate. All students in schools today have a right to learn about their country’s Aboriginal culture and history, both past and present. Learning first about the local First Nations people and their territory is important before learning about the Aboriginal groups in the rest of the country.

The Aboriginal Education Department consists of:

  • Diane Jubinville, District Vice-Principal, Aboriginal Education, 604-952-5323
  • Aboriginal Success Co-ordinator, Karen McDonald, 604-952-5373
  • Seven Aboriginal Support Workers, working in all 31 schools

The Aboriginal Program in Delta

The Delta School District has six Aboriginal Support workers whose primary goal is to help provide cultural awareness to schools and to liaise with families with Aboriginal ancestry to ensure needs of students are being met. There are six support workers working in 24 elementary schools.

The Aboriginal Support Workers can be reached through your child's school or by calling following voice-mail numbers:

Alainna Beljanski - 604.946.4194
Tylyn Fasciglione - 604.952.2813

Kristie Hatzisavva - 604.952.2805

Arnie Leon - 604.952.2849
Jesse McLellan - 604.952.2834
Faye O'Neil - 604.952.2847

To view the most recent Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement (AEEA) click here.

To open the AEEA Annual Report click here