District Departments

Communications/Media +

Name Title Phone
Jennifer Hill Communications & Marketing Manager 604-952-5397 (phn)

Continuing Education +

Name Title Phone
Continuing Education 604-940-5550 (phn) 604-940-5520 (fax)
Ted Johnson District Principal 604-952-5324 (phn) 604-940-5520 (fax)
Ray Weremczuk District Manager 604-952-5338 (phn) 604-940-5520 (fax)
Corinne Leary Admin. Assistant, Registration/Accounting 604-952-5374 (phn)
Syd Sharp Youth Activity Coordinator 604-952-5369 (phn)
Phil Manuel Language Challenge Coordinator 604-952-5343 (phn)
Jenny Slinn Home Quest Coordinator 604-597-8353 (phn)
Paige Hansen District Vice-Principal, Choice and Academy Programs 604-952-2886 (phn) 604-940-5520 (fax)
Tracey Stevens Administrative Assistant 604-952-5328 (phn)
Janice Malesku Intermediate Accounting Clerk 604-952-5326 (phn)
Beverley Orlick Office Support 604-952-5333 (phn)
Carol Shillington Office Support 604-952-5380 (phn)
Yvonne Chard Coordinator - ELSA 604-594-6100 (phn)

Facilities +

Name Title Phone
Frank Geyer Director of Facilites & Planning 604-952-5334 (phn) 604-952-5375 (fax)
Merja Pekarek Business Admin. Assistant 604-952-5334 (phn)

Facility Rentals +

Name Title Phone
Facility Rentals Facilities Booking Clerk 604-952-5335 (phn)

Finance +

Name Title Phone
Nicola Christ Director of Finance and Management 604-952-5334 (phn) 604-952-5375 (fax)
Linda Hives Manager of Financial Services 604-952-5309 (phn)
Tracy Sutherland Budget Officer 604-952-5313 (phn) 604-946-3910 (fax)
Suzanne Kent Senior Accounting Clerk 604-952-5315 (phn) 604-946-3910 (fax)
Jason Mui Senior Accounting Clerk 604-952-5311 (phn)
Manny Heer Intermediate Accounting Clerk 604-952-5312 (phn) 604-946-3910 (fax)
Jian Zheng Accounting Clerk 604-952-5360 (phn) 604-946-3910 (fax)
Chelsea Chaisson Accounting Clerk 604-952-5314 (phn)

Human Resources +

Name Title Phone
Rod Allnutt Director of Human Resources 604-952-5354 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)
Marie Greene Administrative Assistant 604-952-5354 (phn) 604-952-5378 (fax)
Richard Kirincic District Administrator 604-952-5386 (phn) 604-952-5378 (fax)
Dale Hunter HR Manager - Support Staff 604-952-5351 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)
Vanda Bianchin HR Clerk - Teachers 604-952-5356 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)
Pricille Nowicki Staffing and Benefits Administrator - Support Staff 604-952-5357 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)
Helen Henshaw HR Coordinator 604-952-5353 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)
Mary Maxwell HR Coordinator 604-952-5351 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)
Kat Maihara Placement Clerk 604-952-5361 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)
Mike Messerschmidt Safety, Health and Emergency Preparedness Officer 604-952-5362 (phn)
Marlene Toplass Payroll Manager 604-952-5368 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)
Raj Chatha Payroll Administrator (Maintenance/Custodial) 604-952-5316 (phn)
Tammy Scott Payroll Administrator (Clerical/EAs) 604-952-5317 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)
Daljit Sandhu Payroll Administrator (Teaching) 604-952-5310 (phn) 604-946-2941 (fax)

Information Technology Services +

Name Title Phone
Paul Parsons Manager 604-952-5329 (phn)
Mark Anderson Senior Analyst 604-952-5363 (phn)
Cheryl Burns Computer Systems Support 604-952-5364 (phn)
Erwin Emke Computer Systems Support 604-952-5330 (phn)
Dana Medley Office Technology Coordinator 604-952-5319 (phn)

International Student Program +

Name Title Phone
Deirdre Annett Director of International Student Programs 604-952-5366 (phn)
Carolyn McGreer Administrative Assistant 604-952-5367 (phn)
Karen Symonds District Principal 604-952-5372 (phn)
Lynedah Vartell District Vice Principal 604-952-5366 (phn)
Corrine Hamilton District Coordinator 604-952-5366 (phn)
Israel Aucca Marketing Manager 604 952 5366 (phn) 604 952 5383 (fax)
Kerstin Dashkewytch Homestay Coordinator 604-329-0373 (phn)
Terri Gallant Homestay Coordinator 604-319-2575 (phn)
Gillian Patrick Homestay Coordinator 604-612-4020 (phn)
Laura Liu Chinese Student Coordinator 604-952-5344 (phn)
Akane Nishikiori Japanese Student Coordinator
Nicholas Pinter Intermediate Accountant 604-952-5327 (phn)
Pam Penuta Office Support 604-952-5367 (phn)
Charmaine Roesler Admissions and Records Clerk 604-952-5302 (phn)

Learning Services - Education Programs +

Name Title Phone
Education Programs 604-952-5050 (phn)
Neil Stephenson Director of Learning Services 604-952-5069 (phn)
Brooke Moore District Principal of Inquiry and Innovation 604-952-5052 (phn)
Marilou Biron Admin. Assistant - Ed. Programs 604-952-5057 (phn)
Claire D'Aoust Primary Learning Coordinator 604-952-5067 (phn)
Catherine Watson Primary Literacy Coordinator (Indigenous Focus) 604-952-5068 (phn)
Susan Jeffery Modern Languages Coordinator 604-952-5066 (phn)
Jacob Martens Mathematics K-12 Coordinator 604-952-5060 (phn)
Tashi Kirincic Teacher Mentorship Coordinator 604-925-5061 (phn)
Jason Hodgins Early Learning Coordinator 604-952-5064 (phn)
Peter deConti Digital Learning Coordinator 604-952-5054 (phn)
Darlene Danielson Admin. Assistant 604-952-5058 (phn)
Diane Parsons Admin. Assistant 604-952-5056 (phn)
Charlene MacFarlane District Library Technician 604-952-5055 (phn)
Brian Tivy Career Transitions Coordinator 604-952-5071 (phn)
Kelly Kennedy District Career Assistant 604-952-5059 (phn)

Learning Services - Inclusive Learning +

Name Title Phone
Joanna Angelidis Director of Learning Services - Inclusive Learning 604-952-5057 (phn) 604-946-7803 (fax)
Dan Galazka District Principal 604-952-5387 (phn) 604-946-7803 (fax)
Kim Denman Intermediate Accountant 604-952-5323 (phn) 604-946-7803 (fax)
Tricia Gibson Administrative Assistant 604-952-5325 (phn) 604-946-7803 (fax)
Maryann Cardwell District Vice Principal 604-952-5325 (phn) 604-946-7803 (fax)
Satnam Chahal District Principal 604-952-5325 (phn)
Diane Jubinville District Vice Principal 604-952-5321 (phn)
Sherry Ghag District Psychologist 604-952-5076 (phn) 604-946-7803 (fax)
Karen Horner Coordinator 604-952-5358 (phn) 604-946-7803 (fax)
April Weldon Office Support 604-952-5322 (phn) 604-946-7803 (fax)
Susan Lim District Counsellor/Program/HACE/Safe Schools 604-952-5070 (phn)
Karen McDonald Elementary Aboriginal Success Coordinator 604-952-5373 (phn)
Alexandra Thomson Secondary Aboriginal Success Coordinator 604-952-5053 (phn)
Bill Richards Learning Services Coordinator 604-952-2903 (phn)
Marion Schlatter District Counsellor 604-952-2902 (phn)
Shannon Wood Itinerant Behaviour Support Teacher 604-952-2859 (phn)
Jacquie Von Schulmann Itinerant Special Needs Support Teacher 604-952-2882 (phn)

Maintenance +

Name Title Phone
John Vantol Manager - Maintenance Services 604-946-5088 Ext.5227 (phn)
Brenda Noda Operations Coordinator 604-946-5088 (phn)
Lisa Walsh Operations Coordinator 604-946-5088 Ext.5221 (phn)
Debra Eng Energy Specialist 604-952-5235 (phn)
Rick Harrison Foreman - Architectural Trades 604-946-5088 Ext.5233 (phn)
Colin Pawson Foreman - Grounds 604-946-5088 Ext.5234 (phn)
Curtis Bromley Foreman - Information Technology Services 604-946-5088 ext. 5246 (phn)
Andrew Hall Foreman - Audio/Visual Equipment 604-946-5088 ext. 5255 (phn)
Mel Gomez Foreman - Heating and Plumbing 604-946-5088 Ext.5237 (phn)
Bobby Pitamber Foreman - Vehicle & Equipment Services 604-952-5244 (phn)
Frank Willis Foreman - Electrical 604-946-5088 Ext.5291 (phn)
Mark Bain Assistant Manager - Facility Services 604-946-5088 Ext.5228 (phn)
Ken Janzen Manager - Facility Services 604-946-5088 Ext.5230 (phn)
Harry Kumar Assistant Manager - Facility Services 604-946-5088 ext. 5224 (phn)

Media Library +

Name Title Phone
Denise Reid Library Clerk 604-952-5063 (phn) 604-946-0823 (fax)

Procurement Services +

Name Title Phone
Sue Sayer Manager 604-952-5306 (phn) 604-946-3910 (fax)
Michelle Miller Purchasing Assistant 604-952-5308 (phn) 604-946-3910 (fax)

Secretary-Treasurer's Office +

Name Title Phone
Joe Strain Secretary Treasurer 604-952-5354 (phn) 604-952-5378 (fax)

Superintendent's Office +

Name Title Phone
Doug Sheppard Superintendent 604-952-5340 (phn)
Tracey Nelson-Trick Administrative Assistant 604-952-5340 (phn) 604-952-5379 (fax)
Nancy Gordon Assistant Superintendent 604-952-5345 (phn) 604-952-5379 (fax)
Linda Skene Administrative Assistant 604-952-5345 (phn) 604-952-5379 (fax)
Brad Bauman Assistant Superintendent 604-952-5346 (phn) 604-952-5379 (fax)
Rosalie Sonsalla Administrative Assistant 604-952-5346 (phn) 604-952-5379 (fax)